FFG Star Wars: Uncivil Unrest

Galactic Political Cartoons

Even in the era of the holonet, the art of traditional political cartooning endures. As one of the few officially neutral space stations to be tolerated by the empire. the space station known as The Wheel is called home by a number of independent thinkers and propagandists who don’t pose enough of a threat to draw direct retaliation… yet. Here are a few examples of large, poster-sized printouts that are haphazardly pasted on bare spots of the walls throughout the space station:






…as you can see, upwards of 90% of these political advertisements are Death Star-related, one way or the other. Some also make mention of the recent Imperial takeover of the fourth moon of Endor, a forest world with no notable natural resources or strategic value, and the ongoing guerilla campaign/genocide against the native inhabitants (depending on which perspective you subscribe to).


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