FFG Star Wars: Uncivil Unrest

Major Guild Hotspots

Once enough credits are scraped together for the Reformist bounty hunters to properly equip themselves and buy the information they’ll need – both on the individual level of the characters and the other bounty hunters that may cooperate with them and will ultimately emulate their example – the time will come for aggressive action. They seek to restore honor to their profession by bringing down the corrupt and untouchable; both the ones who rule planets and whole star sectors as their private fiefs through bribery and intimidation, and those who exploit their positions to break every law (particularly the law of basic decency) on a smaller level whenever it suits them. Some of the Guild Reform Committee hunters are so radical that they call for acts of vigilantism against deserving targets, even those with no formal bounty on their heads. They are quick to point out that this isn’t so ignoble compared to the practices of their rivals, the True Guild, who work directly as thugs for hutt crime lords, Imperial moffs, and worse.

Option 1: The Correllian Sector
Though tightly under Imperial control, this area is still rightly seen as one of the most advanced, prosperous parts of the galaxy despite not quite being in the Core region. However, the free-wheeling spirit and lax legal standards of this galactic hub mean that a horribly ugly underside exists to every bright city skyline. Aside from being the biggest center of the spice trade outside of Hutt space, the Correllian sector is also the core of the galactic shipjacking, droidjacking, and black cybernetics businesses. Some of the dangerous, illegal, and ethically questionable research is carried out here. Of particular interest to the characters;
1) The McCarran Syndicate, a subset of the larger Tenloss Syndicates (See wookiepedia) , is extending their grip over the orbital cities of Duro, threatening many local businesses and citizens (already suffering ruinous taxation and suppression of their rights at the hands of the Imperial garrison) into submitting to their control.
2) The Craeen system: A major commercial center and a haven of black market biotechnology and cybernetics development, the hyperspace navigational data recovered from E8-D10 reveals that he obtained the ARC-40 starfighter and set out on his mission from Craeen.
3) Coronet City: On Correllia itself, this legendary city is notable to the Quinon family due to their owning several of the city’s iconic skyscraper hotels and resorts. This could be useful in several ways, and if nothing else would make a highly secure and discrete meeting place to give any recovered data to the verpine operative, Snnszz.

Option 2: Hutt Space
Words fail to describe the levels of depravity, cruelty, violence, and excess that have become routine across much of this part of the galaxy. Unsurprisingly, this is a difficult area to operate for interstellar law enforcement and many bounty hunters; the exception, of course, is those bounty hunters who happily work directly for the Hutt kadjics. Because of the relatively weak and pliable Imperial presence, the Hutts and other crime lords of this region are overconfident and frequently flout galactic law, considering themselves untouchable and remaining unconcerned if the courts in some distant star system found them guilty of slave trading, spice running or so forth. Therefore, the number of open bounties in this part of the galaxy is extremely high – walking into the average spaceport cantina, you’re guaranteed to find at least a dozen pirates, slavers, gun-runners, shipjackers and other miscreants. The problem is that trying to bring justice to this sector often brings quick, heavy retaliation. If you attack a small group of pirates or spice smugglers in Hutt space, they’re as likely to call in reinforcements and chase YOU down as they are to flee.
1) While interrogating Leopolzog, it became clear that he had reason to believe the Black Sun and Hutt Cartels alike didn’t want his actions brought to light, because his particular modus operandi (offering transport to a new home to those fleeing a war or disaster and then turning around and enslaving them) is a common grift. Several ramshackle fleets of chadra-fan, still without a home after the devastation of their homeworld, are heading into this region of space, blissfully unaware of the webs of deceit and brutality they are flocking towards.
2) After a little charm and persuasion, the defel smuggler currently confined aboard the Citadel freighter reveals that she bought the antique lightsaber parts from a hutt named Pingotha on Nal Hutta. She will be very reluctant to part with the method to contact him unless offered a lot of credits.
3) Abattra, the trandoshan lawyer, is offering a contract for doing some ‘headhunting’ for the MandalMotors corporation. Reading between the lines of her offer, it seems like what she wants you to do is very shady – abusing a loophole in the Bounty Hunter Guild law to allow them to capture valuable scientists and engineers from other corporations on minor, trumped up charges (the equivalent of parking tickets; in fact, unpaid spaceport fines are the usual excuse). Then, using cajoling, threats, and bribery, Abattra uses some legal tricks to get their contracts invalidated and MandalMotors hires them. Though a little unethical, this promises to be very profitable compared to most bounty-hunting, and offers opportunities to gather informaton about the galaxy’s great corporations in the process.


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