FFG Star Wars: Uncivil Unrest

The Battle of Raxus Prime

_(Note: The results of this battle were rolled for using the mass combat system. The rebels scored a net success and 2 threats in the first round, a net failure and 3 advantages in the 2nd round, and 2 net successes and 2 threats during the third round. _

Taking advantage of intelligence indicating that both Moff Broysik and King Leopolzog were in a single shuttle bay on the surface of this junkyard world, the Skullwhomper under Captain Sando’s command made another of its trademark aggressive charges across hyperspace right into the heart of an Imperial system.

The Providence -class dreadnought’s sudden appearance directly in orbit near Raxus Prime stunned the Imperial garrison so greatly that they were slow in responding. The Skullwhomper unleashed a full broadside on the Golan IX space station serving as Imperial headquarters. This only caused minor damage to the heavily-shielded station, but since the Moff wasn’t yet in direct command, his subordinates panicked and ordered all available ships – consisting of a single Nebulon B frigate, a CR-92a corvette, eight VT-49 Decimators, and 20 assorted patrol boats, to close at maximum speed and attack the rebel dreadnought at close range. This proved to be an error, and these smaller ships were caught in the crossfire between space station and Sando’s capital ship. The Nebulon frigate was destroyed in the battle and the wreck left in a decaying orbit, as were half of the Decimator gunships and patrol boats. However, the Skullwhomper also suffered significant damage.

At this point, the dreadnought circled around the planet, putting the horizon between it and the Imperial space station. With no capital ships in-system, for a brief period of about an hour, Captain Sando’s lone warship had orbital superiority over half the planet. The Skullwhomper commenced a withering turbolaser and torpedo barrage of the target cargo bay (missing Leopolzog and Broysik by a few minutes), and once that was reduced to rubble, they tried to move on to other targets. However, because of over 200 TIE fighters and bombers swarming in from across the planet, the _Skullwhomper_’s gunners were highly distracted, and because of the huge amounts of garbage, they had trouble distinguishing active manufacturing facilities and reprocessing plants from towers of junk. In the end, Sando’s turbolaser barrage didn’t do serious damage to any of the planet’s facilities. The flak cannons of the Providence-class made up for its small fighter complement and inflicted massive losses on the TIEs, forcing them to retreat in disarray, but the _Skullwhomper_’s original mission of bombarding Imperial industry was a failure, their turbolasers mostly just blasting piles of junk into smaller pieces and frying the occasional innocent scavenger.

Wary of reinforcements, at this point the rebel dreadnought exited orbit and began withdrawing towards the edge of the system. Two more Imperial CR-90 corvettes and a flight of assault gunboats had arrived, but no Star Destroyers were yet available. Worried that this was just the beginning of a much larger invasion and desperate not to let the rebels get a foothold, Moff Broysik ordered yet another hasty attack, sending the remainder of his fleet against a damaged behemoth that still outgunned them. The CR-92 (still damaged from the earlier skirmish) and one of the reinforcing CR-90s were left crippled and drifting in space, and dozens more TIE fighters and bombers were lost. Thinking this meant he’d walked into a trap and a Star Destroyer was right around the corner, Sando panicked and ordered his dreadnought to jump to hyperspace before his fighters could land.

Almost immediately, the Rebel Alliance high command claimed this as another victory, but privately, rumor has it that Mon Mothma herself had harsh words about Sando engaging in a wasteful battle that accomplished nothing except the destruction of some easily-replaced Imperial ships in return for a valuable Rebel ship taking severe damage and setting a terrible example by abandoning all of his starfighter pilots to death or capture.

This might have led to Captain Sando eventually being relieved of his command if it hadn’t been for the fortuitous capture of Leopolzog after the fact thanks to a sympathetic bounty hunter or three who owed him a favor. A tribunal aboard Sando’s dreadnought forced Leopolzog to confess his actions to the holonet, and implicated the Empire as cynically selling Clone Wars veterans into slavery, violating their own laws against the enslavement of humans.

In the aftermath of this battle, the Imperial Star Destroyer Dutybound has been deployed to secure the Raxus System. It is rumored that the Moff might face severe punishment for the poor performance of the Raxus garrison.


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