FFG Star Wars: Uncivil Unrest

The Bounty Hunter Wars part 1

Beyond the Rim

In a hidden clearing in the mega-jungle planet of Hebroamia lurks… King Leopolzog, a minor chevin noble, has defrauded countless wealthy philanthropists in the core worlds, using their charity money to fund a brutal slaving operation fueled by the alien refugees the Empire has forced from their worlds. No slave ever leaves alive and their ships are swiftly resold or junked to prevent do-gooders from tracking them. Leopolzog’s followers include a small clan group of fellow chevin and a cadre of houk and nautolan enforcers.

A noble group of bounty hunters from the Guild Reform Committee tracked this corrupt noble to his slaving operation and launched a daring raid to capture him. The hunters – a taciturn swordsman, an explosives-obsessed chadra’fan, an adventurous duros-raised togruta smuggler, and an emancipated droid designated SP-8R who dreams of freedom for all sentient beings – managed to arrange transport off world for the slaves (mostly gran and ithorian refugees, as well as several hundred ‘obsolete’ soldiers from the clone wars). In the process, a greedy rodian freighter captain ended up throwing overboard a noble falleen with some skills and connections that might allow them to capitalize on their early success.

As part of a clever and brutal series of dealings with Leopolzog, the king arranged a deal whereby he’d be delivered to a corrupt moff who supposedly owed him a favor, in return for a hyperspace pod containing the coordinates of the lost treasure ship from the clone wars, the Sa Nalaaor. Escaping an attempt on their lives by mysterious assassins impersonating hangar mechanics, they make their way to meetings with their Alliance contacts and the neutral space station where the IsoTech experts that might help them unlock the pod’s secrets await…


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