Specter was once a decommissioned security droid salvaged and repurposed to assist in locating bounties and maintenance of armor and weapons for the Bounty hunter known as Ragner Kitflin. After a sloppy splicing job done by his former master in order to gain access to protocols of an old HK unit SP-8R had a partial corruption of his personality core and was able to fight through the restraining bolt that his master had put on him in order to achieve his freedom.
Taking the armor of his former master and putting the symbol; of the rebellion on it to show is disdain for slavery in all forms he seeks self improvement in order to create freedom for all life forms.


[[:sp-8r | 01110110101……….ONLINE
Overriding primary personality matrix………..
Partial upload of HK-78 complete

countuilly being talking down and kicking me querying……..

Ragnar: “you piece of junk I should have left you on the junk world I found you at even with the pre war droid protocols I tried to upload you still cant fix the dings and shine my armor to look like anything better then a rusted waste disposal unit”

SP-8R: “my deepest of apologies MMMMMMM…Aster”

Ragnar: “what you have a stuttering problem now perhaps a shock to your mainframe through the your restraining bolt will get you talking correctly again”

SP-8R: “My apologies MMMMM…….Aster”

System shock primary and secondary reboot protocols activated
restraining bolt preventing compensation

Ragnar: “Why cant you be more like E8-D10 if wasn’t for him this ship would have fallen a part years ago I ask you to get one ding out of my armor and you start doodling symbols on it, what does that thing then even mean it looks like a phoenix? I think I saw it on a few of those rebel Starfighters”

wont stop shocking with restraining bolt….. systems strained

SP-8R: “My apologies MMMMMMM…….”




System compensated restraining bolt nullified to trititary systems
Main systems compensated

SP-8R: “Apologies MMMMM………”


SP-8R: “Ragner Kitflin you have broken the guidelines set forth by the bounty hunter covenant and have enslaved and tortured innocent lives”
SP-8R “My deepest of apologies MEAT BAG but you are not fit to wear the armor in which I have invested into creating for Freedom”

Sp-8R: “I currently lack a laser weapon of any sort so the pain in which you will experience will be substannualty more excessive then what otherwise would have transpired but you can rest assured that it is still only a fraction of what you deserve for your atrocities…… MEAT BAG”

Several years Later on a junk world looking for parts to improve himself


Ship designation Liberty approaching
Pilot species: Togruta

SP-8R: “Apologies MEAT BAG but I have seen you are flying a ship with the inappropriate amount of crew which is extremely dangerous and can lead to a 87.356 percent chance of an astrogation miscalculation resulting in you becoming a former MEAT BAG.”


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