FFG Star Wars: Uncivil Unrest

Private communication from Shira

Sent to the communicators of all the characters, shortly before the Imperial force set out.

This is Shira. Something I thought you should know – one of you helped keep an unfortunate mistake of mine private, and I feel like I need to return the favor, especially in light of what I’ve discovered while encrypting Isotech’s financial files in case the corvette gets boarded. What my brother is doing isn’t right.

You might have noticed that despite an unusually favorable set of terms in the salvage contract, you haven’t heard anything out of Reom about trying to wiggle out of the contract.

The net estimated profit of what we recovered was about one million and one hundred thousand credits – that’s after subtracting all fuel, repair costs and all on our end, and estimated parts and labor to restore the salvaged parts. Alliance, Black Sun, Kadjics… they’d all pay top cred for the stuff we recovered once it’s a little spruced up. However, as the so-called expert salvager, Reom plans to claim most of it is ‘un-saleable’ and give you about half of what your cut would ordinarily be. He also overvalued that starship we sold you by about half; I don’t care if it was manufactured less than ten cycles ago, once jawas have run rampant on it, the value takes a hit.

Anyway, I’d appreciate if you didn’t directly confront Reom about this, and it absolutely goes without saying you can’t tell him I said anything about this. But if we make it out of all this alive, I don’t want to remember our triumph with the bitterness of having cheated the partners who made all this possible. If you start questioning it, Reom will deny it ‘til his dying breath, but he’ll start making additional offers and find a sudden generosity within himself to smooth things over. Honestly, I’d appreciate if you helped keep him honest and discourage him from trying this kind of thing again.


dark7element dark7element

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