Bala "Demo" Fa

Demo - Chadra Fan Demolitionist/Mercenary Soldier


Bala “Demo” Fa
Male Chadra-fan Demolitionist/Mercenary Soldier
Height 3ft Weight 45 lbs

Slight, even for a Chadra-fan, Demo is otherwise unremarkable in appearance. Forgoing the robes typically favored by his kind, Demo is usually closed in a mechanics jumpsuit and utility jacket regardless of the occasion.

While not as gregarious as some Chadra-fan, Demo has an extreme capacity for empathy which allows him to quickly befriend just about anyone he meets, whether they like it or not.

Having quick quick reflexes, a keen mind and a lust for risk taking has lead Demo to pursue a martial career but his heritage has lead him to spend more time in the machine shop than at the firing range. His passion for creation and destruction combined with his love of danger to lead him down the path of a professional demolitionist. When illegally mining deepsea Chadrite spheres lost is thrill those same skills allowed in to dip his toes into professional bounty hunting.



Born in a wealthy Chadra-Fan community, Bala wasn’t exposed to the typical dangers faced by typical members of his race. So while most Chadra-Fan were in constant fear of their homes being swept away by tidal floods Bala was safe and secure, wanting for nothing. Nothing, that is, except excitement.

While Bala came from a loving family their business affairs, mostly orbital mining interests, would leave Bala alone for long stretches of time. This left Bala with few companions save his bodyguards and corporate R&D technicians. Disappointed that his son wasn’t showing much of a head for business, Bala’s family was never the less pleased with his sharp intellect and passion for the more technical aspects of mining. Unfortunately for his father, a life of quiet research wasn’t quit the adventure Bala had envisioned for himself.

As he neared adulthood, Bala’s thrill seeking tendency often combined with his somewhat loose morality to land him in some hot water. Whether it was illegal mining or small time slicing, Bala started to make a name for himself in the criminal underworld. All that came to an abrupt end when the local authorities came knocking. On Chad the options were few and simple, imprisonment or enlistment. So it was that Bala joined the Chad planetary protectorate.

While hardly a model soldier, Bala’s fearless nature and explosives training earned him a position as a demolitions specialist. Though he loved his work in demolitions, Bala constantly chaffed under the authority of formal military service. So it seemed to make perfect since that when his military service term came to an end that he should take a job with a mercenary group.

Finally he had the life he had always wanted. He had all the thrills, friends, girls and explosions he could handling. Everything was going great until one ill-fated job on Mon Cala. The job was supposed to be simple. Bust in; blow the vault, escape with the goods. Only things didn’t go quit as planned. Namely, their employer had neglected to mention the 20 assault droids stationed within the vault. Knocked unconscious in the initial volley of blaster fire, Bala didn’t see the slaughter of his team but as it turned out survival would be a worse fate.

Solitary confinement is hard on most races but to a Chadra-Fan, being denied the company of other sentients is a fate worse than death. With little knowledge of this particular racial quirk his capture inadvertently pushed Bala to the edge of madness. When your mind is on the verge of breaking, it is often hard to properly track time so he is unsure of how long he remained imprisoned.

So it was that when a group of rebels raided the facility Bala was being held at that they found him gibbering and hallucinating. A Mon Calamari captain, who had a fondness for Chadra-fan, took pity on Bala and helped him recover some semblance of mental health.

As his mental health returned Bala once again began to feel the oppression of formal military structure. So it was with a heavy heart that Bala left the rebels to find his way in the universe.
After bouncing from world to world Bala finally found a group of companions in need of his particular brand of excitement. So with his newly issued bounty hunters license Bala sets off on his next great adventure.

Bala "Demo" Fa

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