Tallo Quinon

Scion of a minor Falleen noble house, on her Grand Tour.


Points: 245/0


Brawn: 1
Agility: 3
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3


General Skills

Charm: (Pr): 2
Computers (Int, Career): 2
Cool (Pr, Career): 1
Coordination (Ag, Career): 0
Deception (Cun, Career): 2
Perception (Cun, Career): 2
Skulduggery (Cun, Career): 1
Stealth (Ag, Career): 1
Streetwise (Cun, Career): 1
Vigilance (Will): 1

Combat Skills

Brawl (Br, Career): 1
Ranged – Light (Ag): 2

Knowledge Skills

Core Worlds (Int, Career): 0
Education (Int, Career): 1
Underworld (Int, Career): 1
Warfare (Int, Career): 1
p. p.


Bypass Security 1 (AoR 144)
Defensive Stance 1 (AoR 146)
Dodge 2 (AoR 146)
Codebreaker 1 (AoR 144)
Confidence 1 (AoR 144)
Frenzied Attack 1 (AoR 147)
Grit 2 (AoR 148)
Nobody’s Fool 1 (AoR 153)
Soft Spot (AoR 156)
Technical Aptitude 1 (AoR 158)

Quinon is a minor House by Falleen standards, but has relatively large and far-flung offworld holdings. As such, they have been less inconvenienced by the blockade imposed by Moff Kerioth than other houses more dependent on interstellar trade (their operations let them funnel credits home even if they can’t import goods).

The blockade has had little effect on the Falleen tradition of the Grand Tour, as Moff Kerioth, obsessed with isolating the Falleen within Doldur Sector, is happy to let Falleen nobles out of the sector entirely. Many Falleen nobles have taken advantage of this, and some nobles have never returned, continuing to “tour” the galaxy, and ironically contributing to a major expansion of galactic influence for the species.

Other houses are less lucky, but some minor houses and even commoner organizations have gained considerable influence by running the blockade. This has led to an odd “Baptist-and-bootlegger” alliance, wherein most of the so-called “bandit houses” have no interest in ending the blockade and reducing their fellows’ reliance on their ability to break it.

GM’s info:

As is not an uncommon precaution for a high-status Falleen traveling, Tallo Quinon is acting under an alias to avoid the attention of rival houses. Her full name is Irale Tallo Voss-Tavi, of the major house of Voss-Tavi. (Quinon is her mother’s name, and is a minor house loosely allied to the Voss-Tavi.) Apart from safety reasons, this allows her to avoid suspicion from rivals when carrying out operations on behalf of House Voss-Tavi. It may seem paranoid, but a kinswoman from a collateral house has recently been kidnapped, and Tallo has been assigned to broker a resolution…

Tallo Quinon

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