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The Celebration of Rain's End

Tokens of Friendship

With a small squeal of excitement Bala finished the last micro weld and lifts his protective goggles. The light from a hundred colored emitters play across the many tools strewn about his workbench. Despite the numerous strings of celebrations lights throughout the workroom, the blaster, with it’s nightshadow coating, is as black as a singularity. Clicking the battery pack into place Bala pulls a small handheld scanner from his apron and takes one last set of readings.


The little nexu kit raises its head and makes a small chuffing noise before rolling over and going back to sleep.


One last once over with the dust cloth and Bala settles the blaster into is concealment holster which in turn is nestled into a box lined with Corellian velvet.


Thinking back to the last few days he can hardly believe he pulled it off. SP-8R’s Escape Circuit wasn’t so hard. Those Isotech folks are sure wiz with droid tech and cybernetics. They didn’t even seem too concerned about its less than legal nature. Not surprising really. A little contraband circuity is hardly going to get them in more trouble with the Empire. A smile spreads across Bala’s face as his gaze flits over to the utilitarian plast-steal gift box.

Rising from its bed the young nexu bound off the workbench to paw at a pile of discarded metal tubes.

“Hushyou.Iwouldhavefigureditouteventually.” Bala says with a bit of annoyance. “ImeanitsnotlikeIcangooutandbuyschimaticsforonecanI?”

Of course, Val’s gift had been a problem. After a dozen or so rather dramatic failures, Bala had shelved the project. Fortunately his contacts in the rebellion had provided him fragments of an old holo-program that discussed the use of combat remotes in jedi training. The reference wasn’t detailed, but he figured the Marksmen-H Unit he’d refurbished would do the job. He’d build a charging unit into an ornately decorated box he’d been assured was from an old jedi temple. He was pretty sure the Gand had sold him a fake but the symbols were pretty.

Just then his workshop bell chimed and the Verpine contractor he’d hired walked in. After a rapid exchange of words and a casual inspection of his work, Bala hands over the credit chip and shows him quickly off the ship. Bala really did love the Verpine people. Their language was so quick and precise, without all those wasteful pauses so many species of the galaxy seemed to love.

Not a moment too soon either. The gang could be back at any moment and while the new ship was big, it would have been hard to miss a work crew in the rec room. Pulling a box from his footlocker Bala places a half dozens bottles behind the new Gosiea Industries RefresherPlus bar. Not bad at all. Korban was going to love it.

Decorations, check.
Gifts, check.
Snacks, check.

This was going to be the best Rain’s End ever.

Rain’s End is the Chadra-Fan holiday celebrating the end of the rainy season on Chad. Unlike most Chadra-Fan traditions, Rain’s End is usually only celebrated with close family. During the celebration, gifts are usually exchanged and story-telling competitions last well into the night.

Aaron – Modified Model 53 Blaster Pistol w/ Concealment Holster.
I named the blaster “Ad Hominem” after the logical fallacy of trying to win an argument by attacking the person’s character. Get it. It packs a lot more kick than your current blaster and has some cool stealthy features I thought your character would appreciate.


Ronny – Onboard Amenities Unit
I figured your character would want something for the ship but I wanted it to also be fun. I figured Korban (sp?) would love it.

Dan – Escape Circuit
SP-8R doesn’t strike me as someone who is sentimental, so I wanted his gift to have meaning. I know droid slavery is a hot button thing for him so I figured what better gift then something that would help ensure he never ended up a slave.

Skyler – Marksman-H Combat Remote
As for you Skyler, jedi stuff is super rare so my options were kinda limited. I figured your character would be down for some Jedi training equipment and this was the only thing I found that was legal and fit the bill. The plan had been armor but you already got yourself some sweet jedi stuff. Hopefully he likes it anyway.


Best Rain’s End ever

The Celebration of Rain's End
dark7element Slade

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